Assessment is feedback offered by schools to students based on their understanding level, acquisition of knowledge and skill mastery.

We Believe Assessment Should

Be based on both formative and summative tasks.

Build actual opportunities for all students to be successful.

Use formal and informal tools and strategies.

Inspire students to demonstrate their understanding


Kindly pay special attention if your ward is weak or has failed in any subject(s).

75% of the Total Attendance is compulsory to appear in the Examination.

The Decision of the Vidyalaya authorities in the matter of promotion is final.

The promotion shall be considered only if a student attains 33% in Annual Exam and a GRAND TOTAL of all the Exams and Formal Tests as per Board's instructions.

If a student is absent in the Half-yearly Annual Exam, he/she has to appear for the Supplementary Exam even if he/she obtains 33% in Grand Total.

If the Report Card is lost, the applicable procedure should be followed to obtain a duplicate copy.

Parents are advised to meet the Subject Teacher on the assigned date if their ward / wards show poor academic progress, particularly as per the Report Card.

Students using unfair means shall have to appear in the Supplementary Exam in that particular subject.