Department Of Chemistry

Physics Laboratory

• Standard teacher – student ratio.
• Equipped with latest apparatus, with safety measures.
• Special stress on project method.
• Astronomical telescope with following features:
  A. Based on reflecting type telescope.
  B. Have a large aperture.
  C. Greater range to view astronomical objects such as Moon, Venus, Polestar,and coustellations.
 Department Of Chemistry

Chemistry Laboratory

• Spacious and airy.
• Well furnished.
• Having a wide collection of 250 chemicals and reagents.
• Proper arrangement of burners on every seat.
 Department Of Chemistry

Mathematics Laboratory

•Well Furnished lab.
• Working models of different Geometrical, which are prepared by students.
• Classes VI to X Mathematics taught through t models, charts, and others equipment.
• Special demonstration on geometrical theorems with models.
• Huge collection of Mathematical models.
 Department Of Chemistry

Biology Laboratory

• Use of LCD projector.
• Collection of 30 microscopes of dissecting and compound type.
• Huge collection of permanent slides.
• Attached botanical garden.
 Department Of Chemistry

Computer Laboratory

• Well Furnished lab With 30 computers.
• On line UPS.
• LCD Projector.
• Local Area Network.
• Broad Band Internet Facilities.