Rules & Regulations

1. Admissions are granted purely on merit (Entrance test) Regardless of class, caste, creed or community.
2. The prescribed application forms can be had from the office. They are to be submitted within fifteen Days from the date of receipt.
3. Either a transfer Certificate or a Mark Sheet or a Certificate from the Head of the institution last attended, mentioning therein the class, mandatory for the consideration of the application for admission and taking the entrance Test of 2 to 3 hrs.
4. The Transfer Certificate to be submitted should be countersigned by the DEO of the school Inspector or the Concerned Officer.
5. Candidate qualifying in the Entrance Test would be considered for admission. This admission shall be subject to screening by the Principal and can be nullified without giving any reason.
6. From time to time the school fixes up the eligibility norms and only those eligible shall be considered for admission.
7. The decision of the principal for admission shall be final.
8. the minimum percentage pf marks required to appear in the entrance test for the IX class and XI class (Science) is 70%. Admission to the classes X and the XII are not permitted. Recommendations, for seeking admission is deemed here as disqualification.
9. Failures and compartmental promotions cannot be given admission.
10. if the candidate is selected, the fee should be paid within three days,, else the seat will be allotted to the next candidate.
11. The minimum age for admission to the LKG class is 3½ Years (Completed on the day and date of admission.
12. The Birth Certificate (Original) either from Municipal Board or Corporation or First class Magistrate is mandatory. Without the said certificate (original) admission to the LKG class cannot be given as per rules.
13. Fee is to be deposited from the 1st to the 10th of each month between 8 am. And 11:30 am.
14. Name of the student shall be struck off the Rolls in case she/he fails to pay the fee by the end of month.
15. Student either rusticated or expelled or suspended will not be given admission here.
16. Candidates must submit a Character Certificate, from the Head of the Institute, last attended. It ought to be attached to the Admission Form.
17. Regularity in attendance, consistent academic performance, good conduct and behavior are essential.
18. The name shall be struck off from the rolls if the student violates the school discipline, like failing to turn up in proper uniform negligence in studies, non – payment of fee in time etc.
19. A student who fails twice in a class shall cease to be the bonafide student here for the third year in the same class.