Guidelines For Parents

• Don’t be to much of a parent, listen to your children, coming down to their level.
• Be regular to make your children regular.
• Make them independent, but always be there when they need you.
• Check their diaries daily. Have a look at their class work, Home Work and Test note books regularly.
• Keep in touch with the Vidyalaya authorities.
• Remember that your son is just not heir, but also a future citizen and is responsible to the society. Don’t spoil him just because he is a boy.
• Respect the child to earn respect and encourage him/her to take own decisions.
• Tell the children the pros and cons of watching too much TV.
• Please make sure that your ward is in neat and tidy uniform; encourage him/her to cultivate cleanliness.
• Note that play is in inseparable part of education-so give your children time to play.
• Non-veg. food is strictly prohibited in the school.
• Discourage dependence on tuition and encourage regularity in class. TUTION BY VKV TEACHERS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITTED IN ALL CLASSES.
• Hostel facility is available only for boys(From Class Five onwards).

Guidelines For Student

• Always be neat and tidy.
• Bring your own study and writing materials.
• Be very attentive and regular in class for better results.
• Respect the elders and take care of the youngsters.
• Don’t fight or boss around.
• Don’t loiter in the corridor without class-pass.
• Don’t bring Chewing gums, bubble gums and suparito school.
• Don’t be absent without leave application.